19 April 2016

Corrosion protection days with coating in focus

April 12-13 it was once again time for Tribotec Corrosion Protection Days. This time with rust-protective coatings in focus. About 15 customers from various industries visited us during these days and got to hear, among other things, Markus Bieber from Cortec in the USA. Markus is a coating specialist and shared his experiences around the world. Trilack demonstrated its pumping equipment and the participants also got to try out how to easily and simply coat surfaces with different types of Cortec products. Camilla Admyre, Product Manager Corrosion Protection, was able to sum up the days with satisfaction and shortly she will start preparations for the next episode of Tribotec Corrosion Protection Days.

Picture above / middle: Christian Dahlstedt, sales manager corrosion protection and Markus Bieber, Cortec Corp, compare their coated plates after the exercise. Who got the best result doesn't tell the story…..

Picture at the bottom: Demonstration of tests and test methods in the Tribotec lab by Camilla.


Liquid corrosion protection - here's how it works
The products to be protected are dipped, sprayed or brushed with one liquid VCI product (VpCI), for example a water-based vci corrosion protection. When the liquid is on the surface, an active process starts that gives you comprehensive corrosion protection down to the smallest porosity, for as long as you wish. Previously time-consuming and sometimes even harmful methods, such as lubricating components with grease or oil, will become a thing of the past. Tribotec's liquid vci technology benefits the working environment and nature while saving you time.

Shortest readiness time
When unpacking, the benefits become even more tangible. No clean-up work is needed, the components can go directly to assembly or the machinery can be unpacked, installed and commissioned in record time. The time savings will be as impressive as the cost savings.

Short- and long-term protection
We have solutions for you regardless of whether you need temporary protection in factories, a little longer protection during shipping and storage or long-term protection for stored parts for varying environments and weather conditions.

Welcome to contact us in the corrosion protection group for more information.

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Mats Gunnemyr: 0702-830766

Mats Holmvik: 0766-77 04 00

Henrik Stjerslev Jakobsen: +45 2070-3330, Denmark

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