March 1, 2013

Super fast instant glue Loxeal 43S

super fast instant glue

Super fast instant glue Loxeal 43S . A very fast-setting, all-round instant adhesive for temperatures between -50 gr to +120 gr. Loxeal 43S Cures super fast even at low humidity. It glues difficult-to-glue materials, porous and acidic surfaces such as wood, leather and paper, cardboard, corrugated metal and rubber. In very difficult cases, however, a primer may be needed before gluing (silicone, PE, PP).

Quick glue

Fast glue (cyanoacrylate glue) is used for immediate bonding of rubber, metal, plastic, ceramics, leather and porous materials. Mainly suitable for small adhesive surfaces where fast production is the main requirement. For best results, the surfaces to be glued should have as small a gap as possible, below 0.1 mm; maximum 0.2 mm with some types.

The assortment includes products in different viscosities, varying fixing times, variants with rubber additives, etc

The glue can be dosed directly from the bottle, but for larger volumes or requirements for accuracy, we can suggest a suitable dosing system.

Packaging sizes: 20 gr bottle (stock item) and 500 gr bottle.

The range includes one of the broadest programs with instant adhesives. The majority of our products are stocked at our dealers around the country. For the nearest dealer click here.

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Safety data sheets & documents

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