29 May 2015

Fantastic effect with rust remover

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Rusty detail before treatment with Cortec Rust Remover VpCI 422

Rust is a well-known phenomenon, but it is actually possible to remove rust from affected components quite easily. The detail above is from one of Tribotec's customers. Below you can see the effect Cortec Rust Remover has after one or two hours.

(After 1 hour)
Rusty detail 1 hour treatment with Cortec Rust Remover VpCI 422

(After 2 hours)
Rusty detail 2 hour treatment with Cortec Rust Remover VpCI 422

Cortec® rust remover Cortec® rust removers are based on organic chemicals instead of aggressive acids to remove rust, oxide and stains from many metals. When used according to the recommendations, these rust removers are gentle on the skin as well as on the majority of lacquers, plastics, woods, textiles and rubber.

Product description

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable agent for removing rust and oxides from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Includes VpCI® technology and is therefore not corrosive to the metals being cleaned.
Harmless to human skin and to most paints, plastics, rubber types, etc.
Water-based and non-toxic rust remover. Removes rust and provides multi-metal protection at the same time. Available in bulk and in spray Cortec EcoAir system.


Cortec VpCI 422 – water-based rust remover
Cortec VpCI 423 – gel variant of Cortec 422 – for application on vertical/hard-to-reach surfaces
Cortec VpCI 426 – fast acting, ideal for fast processes. Must be time controlled.