8 February 2013

Fluorosilicone – sealing against gasoline

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Fluorosilicone for sealing against gasoline

Silicone adhesive is generally a good choice for sealing against liquids, even if the silicone rubber is completely submerged in the liquid and held there for a long time. But there are exceptions, substances that cause the silicone rubber to swell or break down. Such chemicals include organic solvents and fuels, as well as – indeed – straight silicone oils.

To seal against these materials I recommend FRV1106 – a one-component fluorosilicone. It cures to a flexible rubber with the help of humidity and works like a regular silicone adhesive and sealant. With the difference that it can therefore be used to e.g. seal against petrol, diesel, alcohols, acetone etc. It can also seal silicone oil, which otherwise creeps into a silicone rubber. FRV1106 is red, splits acetic acid and adheres well to most metallic surfaces as well as a number of plastics. It can of course also be used for CIPG with the help of suitable dosing equipment. Technical data sheet FRV1106

The downside? None, if price doesn't matter. Fluorosilicones are quite expensive. But if you want a seal against the above-mentioned substances, nothing else works.

Tribotec sells FRV1106 in 150g Semco syringes. Talk to one of our salespeople about price and delivery: call 031-887 880, or email info@tribotec.se.