6 February 2013

New adhesive for CIPG - liquid gaskets

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New adhesive for CIPG - liquid gaskets

Liquid gaskets, so-called CIPG, provide fast production and the highest repeatability and are therefore a frequently used method for sealing products in, among other things, the automotive industry. Important for all packing materials is that they can carry a high load for a long time without being deformed. Good chemical resistance is also often required.

Now Tribotec is launching one silicone material which combines superb compression resistance with high temperature resistance and at the same time the market's best resistance to organic oils, e.g. engine and gear oils.

New Silopren® LSR 2171 is a two-component silicone materiall which hardens very quickly in heat and glues on a variety of different types of substrates. Suitable for gaskets for gearboxes, radiators, engine blocks etc.

Do you want to know more about LSR 2171 or others have other questions about silicone for similar applications?

Welcome to contact Tuomas Ollilainen, Product Manager Silikon Mobile: 0705-28 28 79. Mail: tuomas.ollilainen@tribotec.se