8 January 2015

VCI Plast – a product for every corrosion protection application

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Vci plastic suits all packaging needs. Our vci plastic range extends from polyethylene film for general applications to shrink film, stretch film and reinforced film types. All films have excellent transparency.

VpCI-126® Blue bags and anti-rust plastic films protect components of all sizes and of several different metals against corrosion.

The multifunctional VpCI®-125 has both VpCI® and dehumidifying and antistatic properties. This is how vci works as a rust protection.

VCI Pallet hood

Cortec VpCI 126 Pallet hood is used in standard pallets as rust-proof packaging. Customized measurements are produced as needed.

Full pallet bag in stock

1126V-L21250 x 850 x 1100 mm25 pcs/roll0.10 mm
1126V-L41250 x 850 x 1600 mm25 pcs/roll0.10 mm
1126V-L61250 x 850 x 180025 pcs/roll0.10 mm
For other sizes contact Tribotec.

Half pallet bag in stock

1126V-K2900 x 600 x 1100 mm25 pcs/roll0.10 mm
1126V-K4900 x 600 x 1400 mm25 pcs/roll0.10 mm
1126V-K6900 x 600 x 160025 pcs/roll0.10 mm
For other sizes contact Tribotec.

VCI Flat film

Cortec VpCI 126 Flat film is used as rust-proof packaging. Sealed with tape or welded.

Flat film stock item

1126F1000x1 x 100 m0.10 mm
1126F1500x1.5 x 100 m0.10 mm
1126F4000x4 x 50 m0.10 mm
1126F6000x6 x 50 m0.10 mm
For other sizes contact Tribotec.

VCI Bags

Cortec VpCI 126 Bags are used as rust-proof packaging for smaller volumes and piece packaging. Available as open bags as well as resealable (zip - zipper closure).

Our vci bags are also available with shock absorption (bubble film) and in ESD antistat design.

VCI Eco-Corr® Film

Cortec Eco-Corr® Film is the world leader in biodegradable and compostable vci plastic film. Cortec's technological breakthrough with fully biodegradable vci plastic makes it easier for both companies and authorities to meet strict environmental requirements.

Eco-Corr® Film, are completely degradable in commercial composting facilities.

Eco-Corr® Film is in many respects superior to conventional film – according to extensive tests, many of its physical properties are better than conventional LDPE film.

Eco-Corr® Film features Cortec's patented VpCI® technology and is ideal for packaging applications where metal corrosion protection is critical. Customized measurements are produced as needed.

VCI Shrink film

Cortec shrink film is diffusion-proof and contains, in addition to rust protection, protection against UV rays. The products are used as protection against external environmental influences, for example during outdoor storage for a long time, during sea freight or other difficult surroundings with high requirements for the level of protection. The film is shrunk with the help of heat and forms a tight, protective plastic cocoon.

Shrink film stock item

1126F3000HPUV3 x 72 m0.20 mmBlue
1126F6000HPUV6.1 x 49 m0.18 mmBlue
1-MILCORR-61006.1 x 64 m0.25 mmYellowish brown

VCI Corrlam long-term protection +5 years

Cortec Corrlam is aluminum film laminated with VpCI 126 plastic film. Corrlam is used when requirements for long-term protection +5 years are desired. Customized measurements are produced as needed.