6 February 2013

VICI got rid of the rust

VICI got rid of the rust! Christer Karlsson, quality manager at VICI Industry, discovered rust problems on tumbled products that were in intermediate storage. Today, the problem is a thing of the past, thanks to the use of an environmentally friendly anti-rust liquid.

VICI Industri in Skövde develops and manufactures engine components for the heavy vehicle industry. The focus is on high-class serial production of rocker arms. A high degree of automation is the core of Vici Industri's high-quality, efficient and safe production. The production methods are constantly being developed to ensure the technical processes.

Tribotec has collaborated with VICI for many years - We have received help with analyzes of washing liquid. But also to build up our analysis methods so that we can carry them out at VICI, instead of sending samples, says Christer Karlsson, technology and quality manager at VICI. This has led to us being able to have better control over our washing processes and carry out the analyzes more often and with faster feedback. When we have had problems that we did not understand or get around ourselves, Tribotec's lab has helped us with slightly deeper analyzes and suggested measures.

VICI got rid of the rust

When Christer Karlsson took over as head of technology and quality at VICI in 2011, he started work with control documents to refine the process. That's when he discovered problems with rust penetration on tumbled products that were in intermediate storage in his own indoor warehouse.
- This particular article is in intermediate storage for a relatively long time before assembly, and then there is a greater risk of it rusting, says Christer.

Christer contacted Tribotec because they have extensive experience in protecting the entire production chain. In the process, during short-term storage, long-term storage and during transport. The new mission involved developing an environmentally friendly and effective rust protection that could be integrated into the process and that could eliminate the problem.
After analysis, a joint decision was made to try Cortec´s vci anti-rust liquid VpCI 377 as drumming liquid. 377 is a water-based and environmentally friendly vci rust protection fluid that replaces oil-based preventive agents for indoor protection of equipment and components. It protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
The tests showed very good results. VICI got rid of the rust and uses today Cortec VpCI 377 with an 8.5 % mixture in water.

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