25 February 2013

VCI rust protection of defense helicopters

VCI rust protection of defense helicopters

VCI rust protection of defense helicopters. The defense asked Tribotec how they can protect their helicopters against external environmental influences, for example in the case of ship freight or aircraft freight. Another dilemma is when they arrived at the place where the military force has been sent. The helicopters can be stationed there, anywhere from a week up to a few months, in difficult and varying conditions such as rainforest, desert or winter area. In some locations, equipment also needs to be protected against snakes and insects. Depending on the nature of the "operation", everything must also be quickly ready to start, when the order for the operation comes. High readiness time is therefore an important part of the solution.

About five years ago we helped the air force to protect helicopter 4 against rust and other external environmental influences with VCI rust protection. In later years, it has been about an overall approach that, if necessary, should be able to protect all of the defense's various helicopter models.

Rust, shocks, vibrations, cold, heat, condensation. With vci rust protection, everything from a small circuit board to an entire helicopter can be protected.

With our knowledge and VCI (VpCI) technology we can offer total protection concepts. In manufacturing process, during storage and transportation worldwide. In close cooperation with the defense, we have developed a comprehensive solution, which protects from the inside and out to prevent rust and moisture from forming inside or outside the helicopter. The solution also protects sensitive equipment such as electronics, radar and radio equipment. The products that Tribotec recommended are VpCI Milcorr, a vci film that is covered over the helicopter and then shrunk with the help of heat. VCI Foam pad, VCI Emitter for electrical spaces and Dewpack moisture absorbent are some other materials used.

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