14 May 2014

Rust protection inhibitors for concrete protect steel structures

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Building structures in Dubai and the Gulf region are often exposed to water with a high salt content. This, together with high temperatures and high humidity, means that cast-in steel structures are exposed to corrosion attacks, which affects strength and service life.

In the Al Jalila Pediatric Care Hospital Project, Dubai, Cortec MCI was chosen in 2005 to take care of this corrosion problem. MCI 2005 is a water-based, organic product that protects rebar and steel structures from rusting.

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MCI rust protection with global presence

Cortec is the world leader in VpCI/MCI rust protection. Cortec has local partners in most countries around the world, which means that Tribotec, via its network, can send out expertise on site wherever you wish. You will find the same products with the same name and properties anywhere in the world together with local Cortec expertise.

Are you global - choose a global partner like us.

Cortec® technology can be easily integrated into your manufacturing and assembly lines. Cortec® products eliminate the corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can also lubricate, increase production speed and provide longer tool life - in short, you get help producing first-class products.