10 March 2016

New all-round glue for gluing fatty plastics PE, PP

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Now comes Loxeal 3460 and 3461, which are specially developed for bonding fatty plastics PE, PP, LDPE, HDPE (polyolefins) as well as other plastics such as ABS/PVC and metal. These new 2-component products are available with different fixations and curing times to cope with both high-speed production and assembly that requires more time due to alignment of the parts.

Technical data sheet 3460     Technical data sheet 3461

Product features:
Glues most materials (including fatty plastics such as PE, PP)
Microparticles in the glue to ensure guaranteed thickness of the glue joint
2 different types of fast curing adhesives / process requirements
No premixing of the products
Does not run - Specially developed thixotropic property
Fast curing

Typical areas: Plastic manufacturers and the injection molding industry