9 April 2020

Protect your equipment against moisture and corrosion

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We have an extraordinary situation in the world right now and unplanned shutdowns are happening at an increasing rate. We can help you protect your equipment for a shorter period as well as preserve it for a longer period of time.

Tribotec, a partner of Cortec Corporation, can offer customized corrosion protection solutions for both short- and long-term storage of, for example, engine parts, machines, vehicles or other equipment. Maybe you need to pause a project, have parts that are produced but need to be protected before delivery can take place or maybe you need to shut down a machine for a period of time.

Advantages of Cortec's products:

  • Environmentally friendly product that is stored in Mölnlycke for fast delivery
  • Cost effective and easy to apply
  • No requirement for cleaning before the equipment is put back into use
  • No requirement for continuous monitoring
  • No expensive equipment required
  • Multi-year protection
  • Free technical support

Contact us on 031-887880 or info@tribotec.se then we will help you find the optimal solution!

See product sheet here.