26 October 2016

The difference between zinc and aluminum spray

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Repair of galvanized surfaces, adhesive base for painting or just as a decorative protection?

The areas of use are many when you think of zinc spray and aluminum spray.

When is zinc better than aluminum and can I get different looks on the coating?

What is the difference between zinc and aluminum spray

Zinc spray (Pure zinc powder)

OKS 2511 Zinc spray is a cathodic corrosion protection based on highly pure zinc powder and is suitable for ferrous metals. Zinc spray is used for improving galvanized surfaces but also as an adhesive base before painting. Examples of application areas are the protection of steel structures and air conditioning systems that are exposed to tough stresses from the environment. The temperature of use is usually up to 400 gr C. After one spraying, a layer thickness of 20 um is usually achieved and usually this treatment should be done a couple of times to achieve adequate protection. OKS 2511 with 70 um layer thickness provides 500 hours of protection in salt spray tests.

Bright zinc (Zinc-aluminum powder combination)

OKS 2521 Bright zinc is a decorative corrosion protection based on zinc and aluminum powder developed for the protection of ferrous metals. The product is used for repairing hot-dip galvanized surfaces and is weldable. OKS 2521 has good abrasion resistance and can be painted. The product is also very quick drying which can be good.

The usage temperature is 240 gr C, slightly lower than OKS 2511 Zinc Spray. The same layer thickness (20 um) is achieved after one spraying, but OKS 2521 has slightly worse protection than OKS 2511. OKS 2521 with 80-100 um layer thickness provides 240 hours of protection in the salt spray test.

Alumetallic (Pure aluminum powder)

OKS 2531 Alumetallic is also a decorative corrosion protection based on aluminum powder and is intended for the protection of ferrous metals. Used for repairing hot-dip galvanized surfaces. This product can also be welded through. The product is quick-drying and has good abrasion resistance. The operating temperature for Alumetallic is from -50 grC up to 180 gr C (temporarily up to 800 gr C). This product is optimally used together with OKS 2511 Zinc protection. The layer thickness after one spraying is only 10 ym, but when OKS 2531 is optimally used in combination with zinc spray, a very good protection is usually achieved anyway. OKS 2531 with a layer thickness of 50 ym provides a full 480 hours of protection in the salt spray test.


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